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One Day Workshop

Data Science Online Seminar

We are having an online seminar on 22nd October, 2021 about “Data Science “. More details will be announced shortly. you can find the Schedule of the entire seminar and what topics will be covered here:
  1. Introduction to Python Programming
    • Basic Syntax, data types- lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, strings, numbers and more.
    • Conditional statements, looping statements and iterations.
    • Functions and modules
    • File Operations
  2. Data Extraction
    • Reading data from websites using json data
    • Reading text documents, excel and csv files.
    • Pandas and Numpy libraries for data importing
  3. Data Cleaning and Visualizations
    • Pandas to clean data using getdummies, onehotencoding, dropping and selections.
    • Matplotlib and seaborn libraries for graphical integrations
    • Understanding bar, histograms, lines, scatter and stacked graphs.
  4. Machine Learning
    • Understanding Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Regression , Classification and clustering algorithms implementation using scikit learn.
    • Measuring algorithm’s performance using indicators.
  5. Natural Language Processing
    • Natural Language processing in python using nltk, textblob.
    • Sentimental Analysis, Language translation, text analytics
    • Stemming, parts of speech and grammar analysis.
    • Web scraping and analysis
  6. Computer Vision
    • Image Analysis and processing using OpenCV
    • Image operations and properties
    • Machine learning and Image processing

Tequed Labs

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